Paula Scher – Campaign (8/11/2018)

I recently listened to Debbie Millman’s interview with Paula Scher, on Debbie’s incredible podcast, Design Matters. As always, it is a huge inspiration to hear how the best of the best got started doing what they do. Paula’s journey was fascinating, and once I took a look at her work after the podcast, I was embarrassed that I hadn’t seen it earlier. She holds a long career of eye-catching and rule-breaking work, pulling it off boldly yet elegantly. This piece here was created in 1994 for The Public Theater in NYC.

Mitsuo Katsui – Poster (7/25/2018)

I am a big fan of Japanese graphic design. Actually, Japanese…everything, but that’s for another time. Here’s the inspiring work of Matsuo Katsui. I gathered information about his life and past work at a site called Graphicine. Someone created this website to organize their design inspiration, which in turn helps me in my discovery process. Good on them indeed!